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      ABOUT US

      About Us

      Beijing DuoMiLai Garment&Attire Co., Ltd. is a domestic garment enterprise which put chef clothes as a high-end brand. It focuses on the production of high-end chef clothes. It has three brands: Checkedout, MEICHU and CHUKA.

      DuoMiLai people have a dream, always adhere to the design concept of fashion, comfort and humanity, to build the entire industry chain of the apparel industry, and to become the world's largest uniforms leading enterprise.

      Founded in 1995, DuoMiLai has three production bases. Hebei Yanjiao R&D Headquarters has an investment of 250 million yuan and covers an area of 15,000 square meters. Hebei Qingxian Production and Storage Logistics Base has an investment of 320 million yuan and covers an area of 87 acres. The construction area is 70,000 square meters. The production base has an investment of 50 million yuan and covers an area of 4,000 square meters. There are more than 20 outsourcing factories.

      DuoMiLai has served the White House in the United States. Today, there are more than 60 specialty stores and more than 200 agents, which are exported to more than 50 countries which including the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, Australia and so on. Sales reached 22,000 pieces per day !

      Yanjiao Headquarter R&D Base

      Qingxian Warehousing Logistics Base

      Yuncheng Automation Production Base

      Chef and DUOMILAI


      The Checkedout brand has always advocated environmental protection, fashion and comfort, internationalization and humanization. The products focus on comfortable wearing, visual and beautiful natural colors, simple and fashionable styles, all of which show fashion and the atmosphere in design. Style, fabric, layout to function processing, ubiquitous reflects the human-oriented humanity, and we follow the international practice mode of operation, the pursuit of ecological and environmental health is our constant goal, the Checkedout brand launched a new three-dimensional waffle has a high cotton CVC fabric. The texture has a strong undulation and a three-dimensional effect. It is clean and breathable, moisture wicking, and does not stick to the skin. The fabric is healthy and ECO-friendly. The style is simple and generous, adopting the emerging self-cultivation version of the European and American catering industry. The type is cut, the movement is convenient and comfortable, and the inner seams are all handled by the handshake. The overall feeling is neat inside and outside. Two classic black and white color 2018 hot sale, demand, is a highly regarded chef-selling products.


      The chef works in a relatively closed and sultry environment, with high work intensity, large stretch of activity, sweating and frequent washing of clothes. The Checkedout brand will focus on “comfort, environmental protection and health”, while continuously introducing a series of fashionable styles. Adhering to the pain point of solving the industry, with the mission of the Chinese brand, we will continue to conduct in-depth research and continuously introduce products that can solve all aspects of the chef industry, so that the chef's work is more and more relaxed, and enjoy the work every day.


      About Meichu: Sanhe MEICHU Garment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of DuoMiLai Group. DuoMiLai has two independent brands: high-end brand "CHECKEDOUT" and Volkswagen brand "MEICHU", specializing in the production of catering work clothing and related products. At present, DuoMiLai Group has more than 30 specialty stores and more than 70 agents in the country. Its sales outlets are located in major first- and second-tier cities. It is a long-term partner of many five-star hotels such as Junyue, Park Hyatt and Shangri-La. And exported to more than 50 countries around the world.


      The history of the MEICHU: The beginning of the birth of the MEICHU products in order to cater to the mass market from the ultra-low price. With the maturity and development of the consumer market, our products are no longer able to meet the needs of today's consumers. We keep pace with the times, increase R&D and design capabilities, gradually enrich the style, improve the version, improve the quality of the process, develop new fabrics, expand production capacity, etc., making us stronger, more solid, richer, and strive for products. Can bring a new look to customers.


      Key words

      Young  Fashion  Vitality  Fun

      Brand appeal: new style of dining uniforms


      DuoMiLai has focused on the chef clothing industry chain for 24 years. Innovative CHUKA technology, creating a first-class Chinese professional chef clothing fabric. To meet and exceed the standards of the world chef clothing, the CHUKA makes the chef clothing more professional-CHUKA professional chef clothing fabric.

      Identity: CHUKA 9A Strengthening Chef's Clothing Special Fabric

      Status: The standard for world chef clothing fabrics


       1. Original CHUKA technology, 9A enhanced, super washable

      2. The chef takes the CHUKA and washes it thousands of times without deformation.

      3. A fabric that can be worn on the skin

      CHUKA 9A Reinforced fabric standard
      1.  Materials:Cotton and Polyester
      2.  Spinning:All use of combed yarn
      3.  Weaving
      4.  Front finishing
      5.  Dyes
      6.  Finishing
      7.  Environmental treatment of Sewage
      8.  Technology and equipment
      9.  Inspection
      10. Test


      Contact Us

      Tel: 0086-316-3082690

      Add:  NO.9, Tianshan National Base, Huada Street, Yingbin North Road, Yanjiao Development Zone, Beijing, China


      Domestic Distributors
      Beijing  Heilongjiang  Jinlin  Shanxi  Hebei  Xinjiang  Guangdong  Jiangsu  Shandong  Shanxi  Henan  HuBei  Inner Mongolia  Gansu  Zhejiang  Anhui  Hunan  Qinghai   Liaoning  Sichuan  Jiangxi  Chongqing  Yunnan  Shanghai  Fujian
      Oversea Distributors
      Mexcio  Russia  Singapore  Mongolia  Kuwait  UAE  KSA  USA Chile  Costa-Rica  Panama Port-Rico Poland  Australia    


      Address:NO.9, Tianshan National Base, Huada Street, Yingbin North Road, Yanjiao Development Zone, Beijing, China


      Copy Right ? Beijing DuoMiLai Garments & Attire Co., Ltd.    Powered by:kbyun.com
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